Friday, July 21, 2017

How to Make a Great First Impression

“You only get one chance to make a first impression.”

     What teacher doesn’t want to make a great impression with parents right away? It makes the entire school year go smoother when they have a positive impression of you. But what impresses parents? Looks? Personality? The Classroom? It’s hard to impress all parents because let’s face it – each of us has our own idea of what makes a great teacher. But one thing that is universal, is having your act together or having the appearance of having your act together! I know when I met my daughter’s teachers, I wanted to feel that they knew what they were doing and being prepared and professional made a huge difference. So, how can you make a great first impression?

     Most schools have a Back to School night or Open House for parents sometime at the start of the school year. My school always held this in September, because we wanted parents to know quickly what the expectations were and what our classroom rules/procedures were. Prepared parents are helpful parents - right? Having an impressive and professional power point presentation is the first way to impress parents. Giving them the information you need to get across and the information they want and need is important.

     Before you begin, decide on what you want to tell parents about and gather your resources together.  I like to tell parents what our daily schedule will look like, what time lunch is and what they should do if they want to join their student, my classroom management plan, the school’s discipline or incentive plan, report card information, transportation, conferences, field trips, etc. As a third grade teacher, I liked to focus on academics, so I would give an overview of what they would learn in 3rd grade in each subject area.  If you are new to your grade level, use the Common Core standards to help you with this. Click here for the Common Core Standards.


Whether you start from scratch or purchase a ready to go power point, you need to have a cohesive and professional looking slide presentation. 

If  you want to create your own in power point, all you need to do is pick a design. Open a new power point presentation, click on DESIGN:

Choose one of the pre-made designs:

Power Point gives you the option to choose a layout for your pages. This one is for content and titles and works really well for Back to School presentations. Once you choose your design, just follow the on screen instructions to add text or pictures. (Possible topics to cover is listed below)

If you want a ready to go power point, I have three available in my store depending on your design preference:

If you purchase one of these, you can choose what slides you want to include in your presentation and/or you can create one of your own with the 3 blank slides included. Some Back to School night topics you might consider:

 How to add text boxes, information, and photos to your slides.

If you are using my ready to go power point slides, adding text is SUPER easy using text boxes.

Go to the slide you want to add information to and click insert.

Click on text box, then go to the slide and draw a box.

Now, just type in the information:

If you want to add photos - just click on insert and instead of a text box, click on photos.

Once you have all of the information inserted into your slides - CHECK for SPELLING & GRAMMAR!!! Making a great impression means no typos!!

***Helpful Hint: If this is your first time making a Back to School power point - SAVE IT in a safe place. Next year, just update it and you are ready to go!\

If you want to save TIME and use one of my Back to School Night/Open House Power Points, click here to go directly to my TPT store. 

If you spend the time NOW to create a professional informative presentation for parents, you will reap the rewards of a better parent teacher relationship throughout the school year! Make a great first impression!

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