Sunday, May 7, 2017

End of Year Goal Celebration!

How I Celebrate Goal Achievement in my Classroom

     I love setting goals with my students. It is such a wonderful way to teach growth mindset in our young learners. At the beginning of the school year, we set goals for reading, math, and writing.  In third grade, those goals are usually centered on comprehension measurements such as weekly reading assessments. In math, fact fluency in multiplication and division are the focus. Finally, in writing we look for specific areas for growth such as topic sentences, complete paragraphs, capitalization and punctuation. Each week, I have my students update their goal graphs and discuss our progress and/or plan strategies to improve our performance in these key areas. If you are interested in a complete goal setting resource for your classroom, I have just the one for you available in my TpT store. Just click here to see more about it.

      Although we do celebrate our successes during the school year, I love to give my students the opportunity to reflect and create a keepsake of their school year that celebrates whatever growth they have experienced. That's why this End of Year Goal Celebration Interactive Lapbook is so great. It gives students choices about what they want to celebrate AND a creative and fun activity to work on in the last weeks/days of the school year.

     I created this classroom resource so that each teacher could make choices about whether they copy the pages in black and white OR in color for their students. All you need to add is a manila folder, scissors, and markers/crayons/pencils to fill in the key goals reached. Of course, your students will want to decorate the folder just a little bit to truly personalize it!

Your students can choose to show off their highest
 reading score from any assessment they like!
Fact fluency for addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division
 AND sharing HOW they achieved this important goal.
The writing element gives you and students choices about
what to celebrate - perfect for multiple grade levels!

Four more elements that can be added to the Lapbook.

     Parents will be so thrilled to see this memorable keepsake from their child's school year and your students will be excited to show off their accomplishments!

This completed lapbook is done with color paper and the
 black and white copies in this resource. 

This is one possible layout of the inside of the lapbook.
You and your students can choose to do it any way you want!

Cover of a lapbook using the color pages. There is a space for
 students to put their names too.

Isn't this a cute and fun way to celebrate goals? If you would like to share this activity with your students and their parents, click here to see more!