Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Teacher Tip Tuesday - Feeling Overwhelmed

Lesson plans, papers to grade, meetings to attend, demanding parents, behavior issues, and the ever present thought that this is not what I was expecting it to be.  It's a lot to take on isn't it?

If you are feeling overwhelmed as a new teacher, here are 5 tips that will help you through it.

Especially when just a few months ago you were a student and maybe some of you were interning with a really great teacher who had wonderful classroom procedures in place when you arrived.  She had already built relationships with students and parents.  It was an AWESOME interning experience. Now reality has hit and you are feeling overwhelmed because it's not quite as easy when you are the person in charge. You're thinking "I'm not cut out for this." Don't worry - here's what you need to do:

1.  BREATHE - It's going to be fine. Really.  Most teachers feel somewhat overwhelmed at this point in the school year - not just new teachers.  Everything is new each school year to some degree and it takes time to get it under control. So, remember it's not just you.

2.  FOCUS - There are a million little details that pop up and you have to deal with them, but keep your focus on your students and their learning. 

3.  GET ORGANIZED - If you are an organized person - skip this step.  But if you are NOT, please take my advice.
  • Create a student filing system for their graded papers and other paperwork that must go home. 
  • Get a Academic calendar planner and USE it. Write down everything and check off your list as you complete tasks. 
  • Have a folder or drawer for papers that need grading. Try not to get behind on grading - it's a mountain your don't want to have to climb.
  • Create folders for lesson plans by subject or by day and put everything you will need for the lesson in that folder. 
4. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF - It will feel like you could work 24/7 and never get it all done.  It's true - you can't, so stop stressing and pace yourself. Try to work on school stuff only one day out of the weekend. You need time off or you will get burnt out really fast. 

5. ASK FOR HELP - Your teammates and administration are very busy just like you, so they don't always know when you need help - so ask.  90% of the time they will be happy to help you out. Remember - they were first year teachers at some point and they REMEMBER how hard it was.  

If it feels overwhelming being a new teacher, check out these tips!
If this is how you feel, just remember to:


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Jennifer Blanchard said...

Great post! I started a new teacher group at my school this year called "Welcoming New Teachers". We talk about the things you mentioned and also a lot of the "little things" like school traditions/activities, etc. so they won't feel lost. I also made Teacher Emergency Baskets for all of them with things like deodorant, advil, toothbrush/toothpaste, etc. Our first meeting went well and I hope it will take a bit of the stress out of their first few years. On a side note, I finally grabbed an organizer calendar this year instead of relying on my phone and sticky notes! :) Thanks!!
Jennifer~Practical Primary Teacher