Friday, August 19, 2016

Five for Friday - August 19th

Happy Friday Everyone! I know those of us who are back in school are so happy to reach this day! These first days are a killer on the feet. Fortunately, I am able to write this post off my feet!  So excited to be joining Doodlebugs Teaching and the other wonderful bloggers this week!

Can we talk about how amazing the Olympics have been this year? I always love to watch, but this year there are so many stories that have made this one really amazing. Michael Phelps - 28 medals; Simone Biles - 4 Gold Medals - a first for the women's gymnastic team; Katie Ledecky - her swim in the 800m - no one even in the screen shot when she won. AMAZING and it's not over yet!

I've had a little FOMO this year since I'm not in the classroom and therefore NOT decorating or getting to enjoy all the new little goodies everyone is showing on their Social Media accounts. A couple of my favorites: Lightboxes, banners with big chunky letters, flexible seating, and an even bigger emphasis on teaching a growth mindset that includes bulletin boards, flip books, and posters.

In my new position of Full Release Teacher Mentor, I have already had the opportunity to work with a few new teachers as they begin their first school year.  I have to say being new is so hard. I think it's much harder now than when I started and I feel for them.  My daughter is a new teacher this year and I am getting the day by day account of how hard it is, especially for those who have not been trained to be a teacher.  She is a history major teaching middle school and the history part is super easy - it's the craft of teaching that has to be learned. Of course, that is the part that everyone truly has to practice and learn constantly in order to be good at it.  If there is a new teacher at your school - give them a smile or a helping hand - they need it!

How cute is this MacBook Air cover?  I got my first Mac for my new mentor position and I had to buy a cute cover for it, right?  What can I say? It's the little things in life.

I spent the first three days of school this week at my old school helping out....tagging Kindergarteners, directing parents and students to classrooms, setting up a new classroom, helping a new teacher prepare, and wishing I wore comfortable shoes. After a summer of relaxation, this first week always kicks my butt! So thankful today is Friday! Have a great weekend friends!!!

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Sue said...

I cannot stop watching the Olympics as well. It is so exciting. We have two more days of meetings and then the little ones come. I cannot wait.

The Very Busy Kindergarten

Theresa's Teaching Tidbits said...

I'm loving the Olympics, too! Good luck in your new position. It must feel wonderful to help out new teachers full time!