Friday, July 1, 2016

Five for Friday - July 1st

Greetings friends! It's the first day of July and I'm back linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and all the other amazing bloggers to share what I've been up to this week! When you are done reading this quick little list - hop back over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and read on!  

In order to justify the fact that I've accomplished pretty much nothing so far this summer, I posted this to Instagram: 

So then I started feeling like a slug, so I finished these I Can ELA Posters and posted them in my TPT store.  

If you teach 4th grade and need (don't we all?) really cute chalkboard and polka dots I Can posters for ELA, here's my link: 

Personally, I like to have as many things done ahead of time, so these are for my classroom too!

So now that my productivity juices are flowing, I've decided to write a blog post about encouraging students to read for fun, not extrinsic rewards. I'm moving to 4th grade this year and one of my main goals is to focus on reading for joy, not reward.  I'm making a list of all the amazing ideas teachers use to motivate their students, so I posted this on Instagram and Facebook.  I mean where else is the collective wisdom of teachers greater?  Please share your favorite way -  I would love to include it in my post!

Today, I'm starting a book study on The Multiplier Effect by Liz Wiseman, Lois Allen, and Elise Foster. Have you heard of it?  Our little PLN at my school will be discussing this book this month.  Can't wait to learn something about tapping the genius inside our school!

Obviously reading and sunbathing go together!

Finally, I'm facing the fact that it's July 1st which means my brain will now turn to back to school (not ready!), but first we celebrate the 4th of July with family and friends!  Have a wonderful weekend and a bangin 4th!

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ithappenedin3rd said...

This year I'm going to do a book challenge, similar to what's described in the Book Whisperer! I want to make sure my students read a variety of different genres.

Jordan said...

I love the ELA posters you created! They look so cute! Have a great weekend!
Team J's Second Grade Fun