Friday, May 27, 2016

Five for Friday - May 27th

8 1/2 days to go! I know some of you are already out #jealous! We're still plugging away.......... 

What is the idiom? Or is it a metaphor? (let me know about this one)  "I'm beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel - unfortunately it's a train." That describes the end of the school year to a T. First, we are super excited because we're counting down the days, then BAM! It's here and EVERYTHING is due at once and by the time the last day arrives, you are so exhausted you can't even move.  That time is here. I'm at the realization that the train is bearing down on me and everything is due right now. Yikes! Thank goodness the weekend is here so I can take a breath!

After 7 years teaching 3rd grade, I am moving up to 4th grade!  I will be teaching Language Arts and Social Studies. I am really excited because I'm at year 7 and that seems to be my go to number for a change. Not only that, Florida has pass/fail for their state reading test for 3rd graders. After, 7 years of dealing with that, I am ready for a change. 

Trying to enjoy these last few weeks with my third graders. My daily read aloud time has lengthened and we are truly savoring that special time together.  This year I have a lot of wiggly kids, so I let them doodle in a notebook during read aloud.  It keeps them occupied and I can read and read and read.  #happyteacher

This week my kiddos made robots based on specific criteria for each body part. At first, they were a little daunted by this, but then BAM! they got it and had a great time! After making these cute guys, they had to justify their measurements and give a total perimeter and area.  Such an engaging activity - perfect for the end of the year.

Finally, the BEST news! This girl was doing the
 happy dance!

Totally unexpected. Sorry for those folks who had plans for the whole day, but fortunately ours were easily changed.

For those of you who are already finished - enjoy!  For those of you that are still plugging away...enjoy it and hang in there!


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Friday, May 13, 2016

Five for Friday - May 13th

Happy Friday the 13th! The infamous day when all students turn into alien beings who forget all the rules and live to drive their teachers crazy! 

I loved my first turn at joining Five for Friday, so I'm back! Here's what my week looked like ----

Is there anything better than getting a lovely letter from a student from the past?  No gift cards, flowers, or candy means more than hearing from a middle schooler that they are doing well and that they actually remember you! This sweet middle school teacher had all of her students write letters to a former teacher and she sent them to us in the inter school mail with a note.  SHE deserves to hear what a great teacher she is! 

Why is it that as soon as you pull out pattern blocks, your kiddos start building things?  I always laugh when this happens...but I always let them play first, because EVERY teacher knows there will be NO lesson until this happens!  This week we were revisiting geometry and patterns using pattern blocks. My favorite lesson is when you give them 4 pattern blocks of different colors and they have to come up with as many combinations as they can.  Well, our magic number was 24 and two students got there. I just love watching and listening as they figure this out!  Can we do this every week?

Blue paper helps too!

One of my teammates had a wonderful idea as a community service project, so we jumped in and had a great time! We made these adorable bouquets for residents of a rehabilitation center. I loved how happy they make the residents and how it shows my students that thinking of others is a good thing. I love my teammate for thinking of this great idea!

So darling, right?

Can we talk about the series finale of the Good Wife?  What a huge letdown. If you watch, you know that the main character Felicia is the long suffering wife of the worst husband ever. All we wanted was for her to end up with Jason Crouse played by the very cute Jeffrey Dean Morgan. That's it. After years of waiting, that's all we wanted. Why don't writers understand that we want a happy ending?  #bitterGoodWifefan

18. That's the magic number today. 18 days left. I'm buying that bathing suit this weekend for vacation. It's this close!

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