Thursday, April 28, 2016

Five for Friday - April 29th

I'm so excited to be joining up with this linky party!  I've been planning and thinking about it for quite awhile. #procrastinator. Each time I see this beautiful logo, I get really excited about reading the blog post - hope you do too! So, here's my very first and hopefully not my last Five for Friday blog post!  Hope you enjoy it!

Currently crushing on my newest organizational item - Task Card organizer from Michael's. Not only is this thing cute, but is a really easy way to organize my task cards. When the school year gets hectic, and I need to grab task cards for math or reading centers - voila - there they are!

This brings me to my newest favorite app - Word Swag. Have you tried this one?  I used it on the picture of the task card organizer to add the phrase Task Card Heaven with the swirl. You can use your own photo or one of theirs. Just add some text and pick your color and style.  It works perfectly for Instagram and it's so quick and easy! You should definitely try it!

Everywhere I walk on our school campus, I see little plants sitting in plastic containers outside of classrooms.  It must be Spring. Not to be outdone by our little cutie pie Kindergarteners, my third graders are growing chives for their Mother's Day gift and lima beans just for fun. Here's my inspiration for mother's day:

Ours have barely started to sprout, but I have faith they will be ready for bows by Mother's Day!

Our math instruction right now is concentrated on mastery of the standards that we have already taught in time for end of March state testing. This week we are revisiting multiplication and division and this definitely includes the properties of multiplication. I really love using games, especially at this time of the year.  My kids love playing Link 4 Dinosaurs Multiplication Properties Game. It's challenging and fun, not to mention a GAME so it's perfect! If you need a math game that reviews the Commutative, Associative, Zero, Identity, and Distributive properties, check out my resource here.

Finally, after 3 shipments from Stitch Fix, I got a box of great stuff!  Have you heard of Stitch Fix? You create a profile online of your style choices and they send you a box once a month or so with suggested items.  I kept a pretty mint green tote from my first box and nothing from my second.  I decided if the third box was a bust - I was done. Hallelujah - it was pretty darn good!  My faith has been restored - blue and white gingham top, mint green flowy top, and a pair of Tom's sandals that are amazingly comfy. Now, that made my week! Hope yours was full of happy moments and you got to say hallelujah about something!

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Katie Moira said...
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Katie Moira said...

Yay for linking up! The first time is always so much fun!
If the plants aren't big enough you could always wrap the bow around the planter! And I love the Word Swag app! So much fun to play around with!

Teaching Voracious Learners

Erin said...

I linked up for my first Five for Friday last week! I never knew what I was missing! I love your idea for organizing task cards. I keep mine in Dollar Tree photo albums, but I may try your idea next year!

Chevron and Crayons

Tidy Teacher said...

Oh I love anything organization related! Those plants with pony tails are too cute! Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for sharing the word swag!

The LEGIT Teacher said...
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The LEGIT Teacher said...

Today was my 1st time linking up as well. Next week my mind will be churning all week, so that I'll be ready to post! I love word swag, I may or may not have a slight addiction to it!

ithappenedin3rd said...

I'm going to have to break down and get Word Swag soon! Love the chive planters!