Friday, September 4, 2015

Peeking into Classrooms - Go ahead and LOOK!

Hi Friends!  I feel like I have been M.I.A. lately!  Oh, the Back to School blues, right? One minute it was July and I was leisurely working on BTS tasks at home and the next BAM! It was Orientation and I was NOT READY!!!

Part of the problem was my sweet daughter who finished up her summer term at FSU on August 7th. We had to move her and all of her stuff back home and then get her ready for her departure on August 26th for London Study Abroad. In between August 7th and August 26th, this mom wanted to spend major quality time with her (priorities). Also, there was the situation with our school under major construction this summer and let's just say, things weren't exactly rosy (or finished) when we returned. However, here we are 2 weeks in and I'm finally gettting back to blogging.

I've been drooling over all these before and after photos of beautiful classrooms and wishing mine was picture ready - but it's not.  It doesn't feel "pretty", but it does feel like enough - for now.  Again - priorities. HOWEVER, I do have some "purdy" ones to show you!  My teacher bestie Heather has an adorable room and I can't wait to share it!  She graciously sent me lots of pics for you to ooh and aah about and maybe get an idea or two!


Love the pops of color everywhere!

Classroom Library all tucked into this corner.

I just love all the color!  Of course, not every surface is covered yet - need to leave a little room for student work!

Another wonderful teacher friend is Christine, who teaches in Okinawa.  Her room theme is Mrs. Hecox' United Nations. She has had this unique theme for quite awhile and it is perfectly her!  Here is a few of her awesome pics!

Loved the chevron and pops of color on the lower cabinets.
The students will put their buckets
there for drops from others.

See the blue United Nations flag on the right?  

Love these table desk thingys and the carpet (so quiet!).

Also, a little jealous of the lanterns hanging from the
ceiling - no fire marshall there!
Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my teacher besties classrooms!  I LOVE peeking into other classrooms, don't you?  Both of these are amazing and perfectly perfect for each of my friends.

Hope you enjoyed that little peek and maybe got a few ideas!

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