Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fall in Love with Teaching

I am beyond excited to be taking part in the Third Grade Tribe's Fall in Love with Teaching Blog Hop! These ladies and a few gents are amazing! I have learned so much since I joined this tribe! They are inspirational and so knowledgeable. I hope you will keep hopping through these amazing blogs! Many of these bloggers are having giveaways (including me!) and our tribe is having a HUGE giveaway, so keep reading!


One of the things I truly love about teaching 3rd grade is watching my new kiddos start to really think deeply about text. When they come into 3rd grade, they are just beginning to be able to talk about their reading. When you add partner talk and collaboration into your reading instruction, their thinking just explodes! I love that!
When I began to use constructed response questions paired with our reading series, I could see the level of comprehension rise immediately. No longer were we looking for the correct response to a multiple choice question. Now we wanted to express our thinking by restating the question and supporting our answer with text evidence. This type of activity really lent itself to partner talk and collaborative practices during our language arts block. By encouraging our students to answer questions with a partner, we are giving those struggling readers a huge boost. On the next question, they are ready to tackle it themselves. Not only that - those good readers are modeling how to do it! 
Definitely not the prettiest picture,
BUT look
at all that amazing writing!
Everyday my kiddos are responding to text
and the difference from the
first week of school to now is pretty amazing!
In order for my students to have this opportunity consistently, I began creating my supplemental materials for Reading Wonders during the past school year. As time went on, I realized how valuable this daily practice was for all of my students.  Using the questions stems for Common Core, I created a comprehension question and a word work question for each day of the week.  

I use these constructed response sheets for exit tickets after my reading lesson.  I can quickly see who got it and who didn't.  Then I take a quick classwork grade.  Super easy, super quick!  If you teach using the Reading Wonders series, you might be interested in my constructed response resources.  Because I have included the standard for each question, I have separate resources for Common Core standards and Florida LAFS standards.  You can take a look at these products on TPT by clicking here AND you have the chance to win a bundle pack for Units 1 - 3 by entering the Rafflecopter below!

Reading Wonders 3rd Gr Constructed Response Bundle Pk UnitReading Wonders 3rd Gr Constructed Response Bundle Pk Unit

**Also available in individual units.**

Here's a little peek.....

Even if you don't use a reading series, constructed response is the way to go for deeper thinking about text.  Use question stems with any text.  You will love it too! (If you enter my giveaway and don't need the Reading Wonders Bundle Pack, I will let you choose any product from my store!) Just sharing the love!

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Jennifer said...

Getting third graders to explain their thinking in writing can be such a challenge. It looks like yours are off to a great start!
The Blessed Teacher

Amber from TGIF (Third Grade is Fun) said...

These look great for responding to reading! Thanks.

Lindsay Rodriguez said...

I love that you have your students really connecting with the text and thinking about it critically! What a great resource for teachers to have!

Just Keep Teaching

Becky W said...

Oohhhh... I LOVE this! I would love to know more about what you do with this! I try to do the same and love hearing what others do as well! Thank you!


Third Grade Whimsy said...

Responding to reading in a meaningful way is a struggle for most third graders. Yours seem to be off to a great start!

Kim S. said...

Practicing this type of responding to literature is what makes students grow as better readers and writers! Great resource.

Anna Hulsey said...

Those reading response forms look great! I love how you focus on specific skills-- makes it more critical for the kids. Thanks for sharing!