Friday, July 3, 2015

#TPT Seller Challenge - Make Your Masterpiece Giveaway!

Reading Wonders 3rd Grade 
Reading Response Activity
for Common Core and Florida LAFS

Whew!  This TPT Seller Challenge is definitely a challenge...and a huge opportunity... not to mention a HUGE learning curve for this girl!  Isn't this summer?  You know when our brains turn to mush and we don't think about school?  

I am so excited to be sharing my Masterpiece today! Why? Because this was a labor of love based on something I did in my classroom last year that was SO effective and SO integral to my ELA block.  My kiddos loved doing their reading response activity at the end of my lesson.  This was the time they got to really collaborate and talk, talk, talk (which they absolutely lived for!) before they responded to the daily Reading Response and Working with Words questions. They were so cute when they would ask each other..."did you include text evidence?"..."did you write your answer in a complete sentence?" ..."what about capitalizing the first letter of your sentence?"...gotta love that! But the best was "where did you find your text evidence?"!! Wow - the accountable talk was amazing!!

I would LOVE to be able to share some of their work with you, BUT this too ready for summer teacher left her samples in her classroom files. Unfortunately, our school in being remodeled this summer and I cannot get into my room, but trust me - it worked!

But here's a sneak peek.....

This is Unit 1, Week 1, Page 1 that includes stem
questions related to the shared reading and
close reading texts in  Reading Wonders.
These are perfect for Exit Questions, Formative
Assessments, or a focus for collaborative
partner discussions. There is
a reading response question and a
working with words
 question for each day.

This is Unit 1, Week 1 Page 2 that continues the same format,
but also includes a graphic organizer that is
based on the comprehension skill for that week.
This is an example of week 1 - there are 5 more 2 page activities for Unit 1! This was a HUGE time saver for me as a teacher AND the perfect HOT student samples to show off to my principal - hint, hint, teacher evaluation!

If this sounds like a supplemental resource you could use in your classroom, head over to Teachers Pay Teachers and check it out!

Happy 4th Everybody!


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Jen Bonner said...

It's always great to have supplemental items for these state adopted curriculums!

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