Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Student Privacy Screens

I teach 3rd grade and most 3rd graders I know need to have some "me time" during the school day and definitely need privacy during important weekly tests. We all need privacy sometimes, right? When I started teaching 3rd grade 6 years ago, I found this to be true. So, I started looking for privacy screens and yikes! - they are so expensive, not to mention, not cute.  Fortunately, I was able to come up with an easy, less expensive alternative and they work perfectly! (These are my 3rd version,because I can't keep the same decor for more than 1-2 years apparently).

1 -  Buy some basic file folders. I got these at  Staples..2 color neon...aren't they cute?

2 -  Create cute labels to put on the front and back, or use mine (freebie). I include a checklist, so I don't have to say,"did you put your name on it?, did you answer all the questions?, and for the speedy one, did you take your time?"

3 - Affix labels with a glue stick. Don't use liquid glue - it doesn't work well when laminated.

4 - This is the really important part - laminate. If you have a nice big laminator, use it. But if you don't, sweet talk whoever is in charge of the big laminator at your school. Laminating makes these privacy screens kid proof...even if they absentmindedly shove them into their desk. It keeps them clean and they don't fall apart.  

5 - Trim the extra laminate while you are watching the Real Housewives or Big Brother or whatever you are indulging in this summer!

I can't express how much I love my privacy screens - so simple, so cheap, and so helpful. (Think about that child that needs less distractions - works perfectly for them).

If you love these and want my labels, I have them in my TPT store for FREE! So head on over and grab them.  If these labels don't work for your decor, they are super easy to make on Power Point.

Two more pretty pictures....

One of my favorite summer projects... all ready for school.


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Elissa Jones said...

Love this idea and the easy to follow tutorial! Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be trimming while I'm watching the Bachelorette! ;-)