Thursday, June 25, 2015

Makeover Madness

Have you ever made a plan, written it down, swore you were going to stick to it - then something happened that just blew it out of the water?  Me too. I planned to take the whole month of June off from all work related tasks and just take a big break, but then the TPT Sellers Makeover Madness came up on my Instagram. I was in the midst of a wonderful road trip with my husband through the rolling hills of Virginia, the early morning visit to Monticello, and the amazing trip to Gettysburg and Arlington National Cemetary.  Loving all of it, but secretly wishing I could be participating in this challenge. Who wouldn't want the opportunity to learn from all these lovely TPT sellers and hopefully increase blog, TPT store, and Facebook traffic? So, while we are driving and driving and driving....I'm seeing all these wonderful makeovers and pining away. Pathetic, right?  So what did I do about it?

I enjoyed my vacation and when I got home - I jumped right in on this challenge - a little late, but still ready to get started!  I decided to start with my biggest selling item and completely make over the cover. I've learned a lot since I started on Teachers Pay Teachers...still have a lot to learn... and I wanted to see if I could make the cover really eye catching. What started as one item actually turned into three! 

This first set is great remediation for those little struggling readers that can't quite "get" those blends and syllables.

I love this one for when my strugglers start "getting" those syllables and blends and are ready to practice phrases.

Kiddos LOVE this one! Repeated reading that is
tricky and fun!

See what happens when you get inspired?  Of course, once I started making over Pack #1, then I "had" to do 2 and 3.  Of course, I think the content is still so great, but the product is just one of many on TPT, so I hope this new cover is inviting and inspires buyers to click on it. I know when I am looking for resources, I pay attention to how they look - do you? So, what do you think?  Was the makeover worth it? I would love to hear your thoughts about my product makeovers! 

Even though I'm a week or so behind the group, I'm excited about the #TPTSellerChallenge and this pathetic girl is going to try to catch up!

Next up - Dare to Dream - stay tuned!


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