Friday, June 26, 2015

Dare to Dream

Why did I start this blog?  Why do I sell resources on Teachers Pay Teachers? Why do I spend so much time on this?  These are the questions posed to us by the TPT Seller Challenge. Hmmmm.....I had to really think about this.  I know I love doing it.  I know that I am obsessed with making my blog and TPT store better.  I love connecting with other teachers.  I have learned volumes about teaching, learning, graphics, power point, fonts, blogs, Blogger, Instagram, Facebook, and SO much more!  It has been like an ongoing, supercharged Professional Development session! The more I learn ... the more I want to know. 

But, what is my goal?  What do I Dare to Dream? Here's my short answers.......

1.  Challenge myself to build a business - can I do this?  Can I be successful at this?  I really want to find out!

2.  Pay for Classroom Resources - can I use my earnings to offset my classroom expenses?  I like things a certain way, so I buy what I need.  I would love to do this without tapping into my normal income (which isn't much - am I right teacher friends?)

3.  Travel Fund - Now that my child rearing days are over (basically), I want to travel, travel, travel! My bucket list is longgggg.  So, can I fund my extensive travel wish list?

This is my short answer list.  Not too complicated. Just your basic dreams.  But, now that I have written this down, I can Dare to Dream!

Thanks for listening! Thanks to #TPT Seller Challenge for inspiring me to reflect about my goals! I can't wait to see how this turns out.


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Jen Bonner said...

Love these! I'm glad you are up for the challenge to build a business!

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