Monday, May 4, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week - Thank You for Sharing

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Last summer, when I had plenty of time and a clear head, I started looking at what new and improved strategies, structures, and ideas I wanted to implement in my classroom. As I was perusing Pinterest and launching this blog, I came across hundreds of amazing ideas from teachers.  So many great ideas! But some really resonated with me as being perfect for infusing some much needed freshness and enthusiasm into my classroom.

Here's a few that I tried and loved:


Loved this one and so did my students!  So easy to set up and use in the classroom, computer lab, and at home.  The best part: they send you an e-mail to let you know how your kiddos are doing! Found this on a teacher blog of course!

This is a little freebie from Who's Who and Who's New.  What a great idea and a great conversation starter with students. Me: "Did you check your work?" Student: "Yes." Me: "But, you didn't answer number 5." Student: "Oh." Now I have it posted in my classroom as a reminder and students use it as a checklist before turning in their work.

This great idea was really more of a springboard for inplementing many ways to use post it notes for collaboration. But this one starts great conversations with kids.  Each student answers the question given, then they share and decide what the "best" response is and write it in the center.  It's from Runde's Room. 

A special shout out to some very special teachers at my school for sharing your wonderful ideas and practices that have positively impacted my classroom this year! Thank you Heather, Robin, Katie, Mallory T., Mallory W., and Marlene!

So thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  I hope you feel as appreciated as you are!


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