Sunday, May 17, 2015

4 Perfectly Easy Tips to Survive the Last Days of School

You know that feeling..13 days left...your students are driving you crazy...they're driving each other are we going to make it the next 13 days?  Why don't you change things up? Keep those students guessing and wondering what you are up to! 

Arrange those desks a new way.  If your students are used to being in groups of four or five - change it. Put them in a circle - a horseshoe shape, or in smaller groups. Any little change will keep it fresh and interesting for them and you!

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ABC order, tallest to shortest, shortest to tallest, birth order, red shirts first, blue shirts first, etc. are a few ways you can line them up. They love this one because if their last name begins with W - they are always at the end of the line! Miraculously, their behavior changes, just little angels walking quietly with their arms folded.


Go to Wal-Mart or Target and buy a roll of raffle tickets. During the day, give out a ticket for good behavior. Then at the end of the day, pull a ticket to go to the treasure box. Do this every day and play up the drama of the moment.  Add and take away some of the toys each day, so they never know what will be in the treasure box! Why do kids like treasure box toys so much?  Who knows, but it works!


If you teach from the front of the classroom - move.  Sit among your students....sit on the counter.....just make a change!  Give the chalk to your students and have them demonstrate how to solve that math problem.  Let them read text aloud popcorn style. Keep their interest! 


Teaching at this time of the year is extremely challenging. Students are thinking about summer and you don't want them getting off task and misbehaving. That's hard on you and actually hard on them. So, change things up starting tomorrow! These last days will go by so much faster and smoother. You and your students will be glad you did!  Good Luck!


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