Monday, February 2, 2015

Front Row

Have you seen this math computer program called Front Row?  I read about it on another teacher's blog (sorry I can't remember whose) a few months ago.  I checked it out and decided to try it in my classroom as a center during my math block. It's absolutely free to teachers and their students.

Once you set up your class, students only have to open the program, sign in and enter the class code. No individual passwords needed (Hallelujah!) All of the Common Core Math Standards are included by category, i.e., Operations, Measurement, Algebra, etc. At the beginning of a unit, students can take a pre-test to determine their independent level. Once this is done, they sign in to Adaptive Practice which is differentiated for each student.

Here's the part that is SO cool - they send an email to the teacher and let you know how each student is doing! Seriously? I don't have to go through tons of data and print special reports? I'm ALL IN on this thing! But, if you want to dig deeper - you can. They have all kinds of data- by student and by standard.

My students love to work on the program.There are helpful videos if they need help. Of course, there is an incentive built in for students - they can earn stars and coins which they use to buy clothes for their avatar pig. 

I recently sent home informational letters for parents to sign in to Front Row at home. This is homework my kiddos were excited to do! 

If you are looking for additional math practice that is differentiated for your students, try Front Row.  It's been extremely easy to implement and both my students and I love it!

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