Monday, December 29, 2014

Favorite Teacher Blogs of 2014

This was the year I discovered some amazing blogs that have literally transformed the way I view my teaching profession.  Connecting with these wonderful teachers has ignited my passion for the career that I had grown to love.  All the politics, evaluations, and teacher bashing of recent years had dimmed that light a bit.  

Through Pinterest, Bloglovin, and Teachers Pay Teachers, I have found so many teaching tips and strategies, helpful advice on student behavior, and classroom resources! 

As a bonus - these teacher bloggers have inspired me to blog about my teaching journey. Even though my blog is just a baby -  their continuous inspiration has kept Teaching in the Heart of Florida growing!

Here are my top ten (in no particular order) blogs of 2014:

1.   Schoolgirl Style
2.   A Modern Teacher
3.   The Cornerstone for Teachers
4.   Teaching and Tapas
5.   The Curriculum Corner
6.   3rd Grade Thoughts
7.   The Guru Sensei
8.   Tales from Outside the Classroom
9.   Ashleigh's Education Journey
10. Common Core and So Much More

If you need to find your teaching passion again, or want to find new classroom ideas and resources - check out these blogs.  Once you start, you will wonder how you survived in the classroom without them!  Have fun!

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A Modern Teacher said...

WOW!!! Thank you! I am honored to be part of your Top Ten!!! You just made my day :) Thank you SO much for reading A Modern Teacher. It's because of YOU that I continue to do what I do. Happy New Year! xoxo,April