Saturday, November 15, 2014

I'm Dreaming of Turkey, Stuffing, and Bingo? - Pre-Holiday Math Activities for Stir Crazy 3rd and 4th Graders

So, I know the countdown to Thanksgiving Break has begun for you, as it has for me. The kids and the teachers are in dire need of a break! Parents are wondering what they are going to do with bored children for one whole week - but we aren't! We are absolutely giddy at the thought of sleeping in, playing Candy Crush endlessly, eating delicious food and possibly visiting relatives in far off places like Illinois or Iowa. Meanwhile, we still have ONE WHOLE week to get through.  How will we keep these students engaged in learning and behaving all week?

What about a nice game of Multiplication and Division Bingo? My plan is to use it during my Math Centers this year.  It includes a power point, 5 Bingo Cards, and a check off sheet for the Bingo Caller. This is a center that my 3rd graders can run themselves while in their math groups. I'm going to give them candy corn or M&M's for markers and let them practice their math facts. What a great way for students to practice math facts, indulge in a little Thanksgiving themed fun, and even sneak a Candy Corn or M&M or two!

If you need a fun Thanksgiving themed math activity for this last, never ending pre-holiday week, check out my Thanksgiving Multiplication and Division Bingo game on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Hoping you have all the turkey, stuffing, and Candy Crush your heart desires.
 Happy Thanksgiving!

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