Sunday, October 12, 2014

Getting in the Swing of It

Now that school is in full swing, I am finally seeing how and why my struggling readers are struggling. It takes a few weeks to get to know our new students - what their strengths are and what their struggles are. 

I have 4 third graders who have made it this far without really learning how to decode words, so the more difficult texts in 3rd grade are pretty overwhelming. Of course, these students are in my reading remediation group for decoding, fluency, AND comprehension. So, every day these 4 students are working really hard during reading block because I pull them 3 times - once for their regular reading group, once for decoding interventions, and once for extra comprehension work. Whew!  Pretty intensive, right? 

I am always in awe of these students, because they put in 3 times the work as every other student, but you know what? They are so grateful for the help. They want to be good readers so bad. Breaks my heart every year - but it also warms my heart because they will improve and they will notice it and be so happy!

This is why I created my Fluency Packs
 # 1 and #2.
Many times, 3rd graders need that extra boost of phonics work, and practice with Fry Phrases.

After they have gained confidence,
 they go on to my Pyramid Sentences,

 which they love! They have lots of fun
 with these and that warms my heart too!

I use all three of these consistently and I see their confidence blooming. Once they are decoding and reading fluently, their comprehension starts to improve.  And the icing on the cake!  It makes all the hard work they put in worthwhile.

Although I created these for my struggling third graders, you might be able to use one of these Fluency packs or all of them for your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th graders. 

Each of these are available separately,
or as a bundle pack on Teachers Pay Teachers.

If you try any of these, make sure to leave feedback.
Not only will I appreciate your feedback, you will earn points toward other purchases on TPT.


Please check out my friend, Dr. Christine Hecox's new blog  She is one of the most amazing teachers and someone I admire greatly!

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