Saturday, September 20, 2014

Guided Math Freebie

As the journey into Guided Math continues, I found that I needed a specific planning sheet for math center/rotations.  As my knowledge about how to do this in my classroom evolves, so will my planning needs.  For now, I have come up with a planning sheet that I can quickly plan out who is doing what during guided math.

With that in mind, I have created a planning sheet that first, shows what everyone (including myself) is doing, what materials are needed, the whole group mini-lesson taught, vocabulary,  summarizer/wrap up activity and the standard being taught.  In my district, the emphasis is on knowing the standards, so I included space for this too.

If you are doing Guided Math or a 3 Center rotation in your classroom, you may be able to use this planning guide. As we all know, time is EVERYTHING to a teacher, so this planning sheet is available FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Hope you find this as helpful as I have!

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