Saturday, September 13, 2014

Facebook and Stepping Outside the Box

Last Sunday, I continued my blogger's journey by creating a Facebook page. I wanted to be able to share my posts with my teacher friends and their friends and not bore my family and friends with my teaching blog updates. So I invited all my personal teacher peeps to "LIKE" my page and they did so immediately, which was heartwarming and very appreciated.

I had only shared my blog with some of my closest teacher friends because frankly, I was a little scared to have my thoughts "out there" for everyone to read and maybe critique. Well, after posting my Guided Math blog post from September 7th, I received so much positive feedback from teachers and administrators. Several colleagues forwarded this blog post to other teachers and a few to middle school teachers. They love the idea of guided math and feel like the method described in my post could work even at the middle school level. My elementary peeps of all grade levels are eager to try it. The beauty of this 3 centers only plan is that it isn't a huge amount of extra planning, which absolutely nobody has right now. Here in Florida, we are implementing a totally new set of standards and a new way of teaching them, so time is not something we have.

I am so proud of all of the teachers willing to step outside the box and try something new while at the same time implementing new standards.  As I said - no guts, no glory - thank you for your sweet, sweet comments and for being exactly the opposite of what the politicians say about teachers.

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