Monday, August 4, 2014

Literacy and Math Institute

As I dragged myself out of bed this morning for the 3 day Literacy and Math Institute, I crossed my fingers that it would be worth my while.  So many times, these professional development "opportunities" are less than inspiring - sometimes it's the content and sadly, sometimes it's the presenter.  When I arrived with one of my teammates, I was amazed at the number of teachers who were attending from my district - around 500.  This was quite a big deal! 

As it turned out, this PD is a jewel.  The classes are well thought out and the presenters have been very good.  We had an hour for lunch and they provided food trucks for us to order from, which was a first for me! However, my favorite part was the "teacher talk" that happens as you are gleaning information throughout the day.  I met a new friend today who graciously offered to email a math curriculum parent information sheet she has worked on this summer.  (I am currently trying to figure out what I can share with her as a thank you.) I just LOVE talking to other teachers!

I have two more days of professional development, then a few days off, and we report on August 11th.  I don't feel exactly ready for this year - yet.  I have so much to do in my classroom and I know it will get done somehow.  But I can say that this Literacy and Math Teacher Institute is making me think this might be a great school year.....

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